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We believe that the combination of drone technology and artificial intelligence applied to football is going to change the status quo on and off the field. ​


Professional football from the 1980s until now, professional soccer has experienced a professionalization in some key areas. Nutrition, analysis, strategy, technique, sports medicine... none of these come close to the impact that the application of drone technology and artificial intelligence is going to have. ​


From the beginning, the drone technology provides two unique planes for the analysis of the game that no fixed or tower camera can replicate. What's more, even the best spider cams (the highest-end camera and reserved only for the best stadiums) have the ability to reach high enough to capture the entire field in one shot. ​


Amateur football For an amateur player, the experience of watching and having their matches with quality was not possible, it was reserved only for players of a certain semi-professional or professional level. Access to more affordable and high-quality technology together with a company structure and cost and investment engineering led by a competent and ambitious team is what manages to democratize the feeling of being an international soccer star. Thus allowing millions of amateur players to feel like their idols. “Watching and sharing it is better than telling”

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Watching and sharing is better than telling

FLY-FUT's ambition is to create the largest football platform in the world. We understand that the vast majority of soccer players want to have the videos of their matches in the best possible quality and replicating the feeling of a professional match at the highest level. ​


We believe that the desire to save, watch and share our games is common to all sports. We believe that we have the necessary features to create the largest amateur soccer platform in the world.


A single source of information that meets the needs of all stakeholders in the football industry. As we have seen before, it is not just a site where "show your dribbles", there are already other platforms that comply with this format, but a site where family members, referees, federation staff, scouts and coaches can enjoy seeing the globality of competitions and keep track of the team that interests you the most.


Although we believe that this is a global movement that will eventually impact all sports, and having received many requests to record those other sports, we are football fans and will stick to this until we have strong enough industry legitimacy.

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In line with the writings of Ben Horowitz, company culture is everything that impacts the quality of work. At Fly-Fut we do not believe in marked hierarchies and formal dress codes by default... at Fly-Fut we believe in meritocracy and teamwork with a strict focus on the continuous generation of value for the user. ​ We trust that the work is structured under the “5 principles of working”: ​


1) Customer First: the consumer rules, if we give him what he wants, when he wants it and how he wants it, we will have work, otherwise we will be on the street. ​


2) Always challenge Status Quo: Nothing established is final. Everything can be improved. We can all contribute something to continue developing and generating value. ​


3) Be Collaborative: A single team, different roles, different responsibilities, but a single team. The partner is sacred, the team is the most important thing. ​


4) Think Focused: A single idea when executing, if we try to get more than one thing at a time, both will come out with poor quality. ​


5) No Sandwiches: This principle of working is reserved for employees on their first day of work.


The Japanese word “OTAKU” in Spanish does not have a literal translation. Having an OTAKU means being halfway between obsession and passion, well the people who are happy in Fly-Fut are the people who have an OTAKU for changing the world of sport forever. ​


For our team we are looking for passionate, creative, restless and eager people who share the conviction of being able to change the sports industry forever through technology and creativity. ​


Recruitment processes are not easy, the company puts several filters to guarantee 3 important points:

(i) determine the talent of the candidate


(ii) determine if the candidate would be happy in the Fly-Fut environment and


(iii) determine if the team I would be happy with the candidate as part of the team. ​ In the evaluation of the candidate's talent, we do not look with special focus on their academic training, we pay special attention to the candidate's desire and other aspects that we believe are key when facing new challenges, long hours of work and great pressure for very ambitious objectives. .

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