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Drone tech is the best technology to record trianings and games for two reasons: (i) Zenithal camera shots and (ii) progression shots (following player or team's moves).

No other camera system can do this.  In April 2022 we launched our latest development: Autonomous/Automatic Drone tech applied to professional football. We gather the preferences of every coach and analyst in the club for all exercises in trainings and games  and the drones record just  how the staff needs it. 


For several seasons now, we are the technological drone partner the club chooses to record and analyze trainings and games for first and academy teams. The methodology staff of the club understands that in order to elevate the performance of the entire club, our solution had to be implemented from top to bottom. 


We are honored to be  part of the promotion story of CD Leganés B. Carlos Martinez, former Atletico de Madrid Coach, choosed FLY-FUT to be the tech partner for recordings and analysis.  Listen to the full story below. 

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